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We offer a variety of services for you to customize your motorcycle. Services we provide are Dyno Service, Custom Builds, Motorcycle Packages, Motorcycle Parts & Motorcycle Accessories, Motorcycle Repairs, Motorcycle Stereo Upgrades and more! We can make the bike of your dreams a reality.

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Rollin' Thunder Dyno uses Power Vision as well as other tuning interfaces depending on the application to properly map your fuel, timing and many other tables in your bikes ECU to get the best performance possible.

Request information below and we can provide you with a quote to tune your motorcycle to its best performance.


•Cylinders (Exchange)​
•JE Pistons, Ring, Pins & Clip
•Feuling OE+ CAM Plate & Pump
•Feuling CAM & Lifters, Inner Cam Bearings
•Feuling Beehive Valve Springs
•Feuling Tenioner Pads
•Cometic Gaskets
•Kibblewhite Cylinder Studs
•HD Clutch Diaphragm


•S&S Cylinders, Pisions, Rings, Pins & Clips
•Fueling Race Cam, Plate & Pump Kit
•Fueling Stud/Head Bolt Kit
•Fueling Beehive Valve Springs
•Comic Gaskets
•HD Clutch Springs
•Power Vision With Loaded Map

2007-2017 107" Twin cam Big Bore Kit

2017+ M8 124" OR 128" Big Bore Kit