• Tensioner pads are a direct drop-in replacement for the factory cast tensioner housings as well as the billet Feuling tensioner housings
  • Pads are injection molded Nylon with PTFE added to increase wear and friction resistance
  • Tensioners are single piston, duplicating the output pressure of stock units
  • Replacement pads include new hydraulic lash units
  • Fit inner and outer factory HD cast housings and Feuling billet housings
  • Sold in pairs
  • Made in the U.S.A.

0925-1067 Feuling Hydraulic Cam Chain Tensioner pads


    Color/Finish: Red
    Material: Nylon
    Mounting Position:
    • Inner
    • Outer
    Product Name: Tensioner Pad
    Riding Style: Street
    Type: Cam Chain
    Units: Pair