• Camshaft gear drive kits increase valve timing accuracy by eliminating timing chain lash and loosely-fit stock chain drive
  • Reverses the rear cam's direction of rotation, providing additional operating clearance between cam lobes; as a result, higher cam lifts are possible with the gear drive kit
  • Kits include cams, inner gears, outer drive gears, inner and outer bearings, gasket and instructions
  • Material must be removed from the inner surface of the stock gear cover to install S&S gear drive cams
  • A hydraulic press and other professional-level tools are required to install these kits
  • S&S recommends that adjustable pushrod/cover kit PART #0928-0017 be used
  • Cam bearings and gaskets must be replaced when installing new cams
  • Cams are also available with inner gears only; intended for cam replacement for motors that have already been converted to an S&S gear-drive system
  • Made in the U.S.A.
  • Cams for 00-06 Twin Cam are for use with stock splined drive gears; for installation on 99 Twin Cam motors you must purchase splined outer drive sprocket; S&S recommends that Andrews 4340 steel drive sprocket PART #DS-199175 be used
  • Cams for 06 Dyna and 07-17 Twin Cam are for use with models with hydraulic tensioner chain-drive system; cams 510C and 551C are bolt-in applications, all others require high-lift valve springs
  • Made in the U.S.A.


  • More power across the rpm range, with improved low and midrange torque
  • Can be used with stock pushrods, springs and lifters
  • Strongest from 1000-4000 rpm
  • 99-04 models require high lift springs
  • Designed as bolt-in cam for touring bikes with compression ratio between 9:1 and 9:9

0925-0743 S&S 551C SERIES CAM KIT


    • Exhaust
    • Intake
    Exhaust Close: 17°
    Exhaust Duration: 238°
    Exhaust Lift: 0,550"
    Exhaust Lift at TDC: 0,170"
    Exhaust Lobe Centerline: 102°
    Exhaust Open: 41°
    Grind: 551 Series
    Intake Close: 19°
    Intake Duration: 216°
    Intake Lift: 0,550"
    Intake Lift at TDC: 0,178"
    Intake Lobe Centerline: 91°
    Intake Open: 17°
    Product Name: Cam Kit
    Riding Style: Street
    Type: Chain
    Units: Kit