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Produce more power and torque in the riding RPM range increasing throttle response, acceleration and fuel mileageWide lobe separations produce wide power bandsSmooth camshaft lobe ramps are easier on valve-train components and eliminate excessive valve-train noise and wearDyno proven and track testedFeuling® camshaft installation kits recommended; Optimized camp timing provides easy starting without the need for mechanical devices or compression releases

Made in the U.S.A.


543 CAMS

  • Performance valve springs are required on 99-04 engines and performance pushrods and lifters are recommended but not required
  • Excellent bolt-in camshaft for stock to mild 96" and 103" engines and works well in 88" and 95" engines
  • Cam is easy starting, increases throttle response and fuel mileage. Responds well to increased compression ratio, performance exhaust and a high-flow air cleaner
  • 1900 - 6000 rpm power range
  • The 'Freeway Flyer', great camshafts for those who want more top end power than the 525 cams without sacrificing low end torque
  • Extremely smooth cam lobe layout maintains quiet valve train and produces the smoothest cruise power band available

0925-0673 Feuling Reaper Cams for Twin Cam


    • Exhaust
    • Intake
    Exhaust Close: 12°
    Exhaust Duration: 248°
    Exhaust Lift: 0,574"
    Exhaust Open: 56°
    Grind: 543 Series
    Intake Close: 43°
    Intake Duration: 238°
    Intake Lift: 0,543"
    Intake Open: 15°
    Model: Reaper
    Product Name: Camshaft
    Riding Style: Street
    Type: Chain
    Units: Pair