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We do it the right way.

At Rolling Thunder Dyno our years of experience in the motorcycle and performance field gives us the knowledge needed to ensure that your work will be done properly. Let's use a cam upgrade for example. Customers will ask me to quote a cam upgrade, and many will comment back with "wow, why so much, that's way more than shop B quoted". There are more critical components involved than just the cams and fresh gaskets. Cam upgrades increase the ability to run much higher RPM's, therefore we need to increase the oiling system. The stock cam plate and oil pump are hardly adequate in a stock build much less our upgraded build. We replace all the critical components in the cam chest when doing a cam upgrade, not just the cams. We believe that high performance requires high quality. We have seen many cases where there has been a failure due to low-quality components used. We also check your parts prior to installation. We do it the right way.

Rollin' Thunder Dyno

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