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How does a Power Vision license work? Your dealer (Rollin' Thunder Dyno) purchases a license from Dynojet. He then hooks a power vision unit to the bike and marries the license to the bike V.I.N. Now your bike can be tuned with the power vision. You don't need to buy the power vision itself. The license isn't anything physical that you need to carry with you. If you're out and about and for example your ECM goes bad? Just call RTD and we can send your service shop replacing your ECM the license and also the tune map. Now you're back on the road with the same tune you had before. Advantages to this method are many, but here are a couple.  You don't have to worry about forgetting your physical tuner. The license doesn't go bad and have to be replaced. Price is $200 vs $400 OR MORE. Please call RTD with any questions.